Shepherd High School

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Good Day!
I have been teaching for 27 years. My current assignment is Biology. I teach Biology 5 periods daily. I have have conference 3rd period and girls athletics 8th. Biology is a passion of mine and I work to teach students not class.My main goal is to tech students to use available information to solve problems. In my experience, engaging students in an area that they find interest they learn Biology along the way. I truly encourage students to turn in their best work. This policy creates more effort on my part but allows each student to become invested in each assignment and if they need longer to complete their best work we work around due dates. I make myself available by email,phone and text. Parents are welcome to contact me at any time,however, during class time i will not accept phone calls. I believe in teaching Biology the way i coach. We repeat until we have mastery. If a assignment is turned in incomplete , I give it back and expect them to complete with their best work.