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Yearbook Sales

The 2020 yearbook sales for both HS and PreK - 8th have stopped as of May 24. If anyone still wants to order one, it is on a first come first serve basis after they come in either in late August or early September. At that time, please contact the high school office to find out if any are available for sale.
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Pirates Pride Drill Team Members

Mrs Holly Harrison and Miss Jayda Gray would like to introduce the new 2020-2021 Pirates' Pride Drill Team Members.

Captain- Bonnie Pope
Co-Captain- Arelis Garcia
Lieutenants- CaitLyn Harper and Hannah Dubois
Social Officer- Katlyne Pollard
Line Members:
Bianca Medina
Kailey Castillo
Latiana Benton-Hadnot
Johana Garcia
Summer Owens
Jocelyn Mayorga
CaCee Harper
Ashley Gonzalez
Manager- Kaitlyn Gallmeier
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2019-2020 Yearbooks

Yes! There will be yearbooks for 2019 - 2020 -- we are including coverage of both normal school and distance learning. To purchase, please go to and search for Shepherd High School or Shepherd MIddle School (for the PreK - 8th grade book). Make sure you get the correct town and just follow the online directions to purchase! As usual, the books will be delivered in the fall when we start school back up.
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